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Suspended Universe

Suspend Assist Invert Resist

Suspend Assist Invert Resist

Diets.. which one is yours?

Which Diet do you follow? As the conversation of nutrition gains popularity, it is ok to ask people which kind of diet they follow? Some people may say, NO!!!! I hate diets…  Others may say Yes why not .. Your Diet is what you eat and drink everyday Regardless of where you stand, the topic…  Continue Reading »

Is Soccer an emotional Game?

I played soccer my whole life, from street to beach, for college, for fun. For the past 40 years I followed the FIFA World Cup with a lot of passion and today I can better understand the game from a professional point of view. Brazil has been winning World Cups since 1958. They are the…  Continue Reading »

FunctionAll Class

Now opening a new Class starting this Thursday May 22nd at 6pm 24hr reservation $25 drop in

FunctionAll Class

The Whole U Understand the machine (your body) Learn how you should move, so you can improve your Conditioning (cardio) and acquire new Skills (muscle memory). Feet, legs, hip, butt, core, chest, mid back, upper back, shoulder, arms, neck, head, heart. Did I miss anything? 🙂 They are all part of the same UNITY (the…  Continue Reading »

Playful moves on a Gibbon Slackrack 300

The Four Elements of Fitness and Wellness

The Integration of the four elements of Fitness and Wellness: Posture, Flexibility, Balance, and Agility. Posture gives you the individual the proper alignment (the starting point) to be able to move with more certainty. As you start to move, the proper alignment will allow you to move further with control increasing your flexibility. The more…  Continue Reading »