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Suspended Universe

Suspend Assist Invert Resist

Suspend Assist Invert Resist

Detox from The Box !

Detox from the Box ! From August 8 – August 28 Taking care of your body is a good habit. Taking care of the inside of your body is imperative for health, rejuvanation, and disease prevention. Take this time to Detox from the Box. The 21 day purification program starts on Friday, August 8th ends…  Continue Reading »

Kids of a triathlete

Being a parent is not easy, and having multiple kids makes even more challenging. If you feel your life is boring, fill it up with excitement. Get married, have kids, or just sign up for a triathlon. The simplicity of  swimming, cycling, and running within one sport, makes Triathlon a sport for a lifetime. Start…  Continue Reading »

Indian Clubs swinging

Did you know that Indian Clubs swinging is an ancient way of exercising? Indian Clubs has been around for thousands of years. There is evidence that club swinging started in India about 7000 years ago as mentioned in  religious books such as Mahabharata, Ramayana and Gita.   The use of clubs certainly originated in central Asia…  Continue Reading »

FunctionAll Class

Classes Tuesday and Thursdays at 6pm 24hr reservation $25 drop in

FunctionAll Class

Now opening a new Class starting this Thursday May 22nd at 6pm 24hr reservation $25 drop in

FunctionAll Class

The Whole U Understand the machine (your body) Learn how you should move, so you can improve your Conditioning (cardio) and acquire new Skills (muscle memory). Feet, legs, hip, butt, core, chest, mid back, upper back, shoulder, arms, neck, head, heart. Did I miss anything? 🙂 They are all part of the same UNITY (the…  Continue Reading »