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Is Soccer an emotional Game?

I played soccer my whole life, from street to beach, for college, for fun. For the past 40 years I followed the FIFA World Cup with a lot of passion and today I can better understand the game from a professional point of view. Brazil has been winning World Cups since 1958. They are the…  Continue Reading »

The spirit of competition.

It is great when you feel healthy, loose, fast, attentive, calm, balanced and ready for whatever it comes. Preparation is in the past now, and all you have to do is UNLEASH. Rivals? Why? They are playing the same game you are. Use them as your pacing buddies. Time? Time will just hold you back…  Continue Reading »

Kids of a triathlete

Being a parent is not easy, and having multiple kids makes even more challenging. If you feel your life is boring, fill it up with excitement. Get married, have kids, or just sign up for a triathlon. The simplicity of  swimming, cycling, and running within one sport, makes Triathlon a sport for a lifetime. Start…  Continue Reading »