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Am I Happy with my Skincare Routine?

Have you changed your skincare routine lately? If you are running low in your skincare products, wait and consult with your skincare professional before re-purchasing all the same products. It is always good to take a look into your current regimen and make sure it will match the season we are in.  For all Epicuren…  Continue Reading »

The WholeU

How important it is to you the health of your cells? The trillions of cells of the human body work together to form tissues, organs, and organ systems. Most of our cells daily activities have simple purposes: to extract nutrients and to use nutrients to provide raw materials and fuel to keep us alive.    …  Continue Reading »

Pre Summer Skin

Is your face your business card?   Are you preparing your skin for the summer? Here are a few reminders to engage into your healthy habits: Take your time when cleansing, and yes It should be 2x a day. Morning and night! Quick recipe: Morning –  Gel base cleanser to tone and rejuvenate your morning…  Continue Reading »