Detox from the Box ! From August 8 – August 28

Taking care of your body is a good habit.
Taking care of the inside of your body is imperative for health, rejuvanation, and disease prevention. Take this time to Detox from the Box.

The 21 day purification program starts on Friday, August 8th ends on Thursday, August 28th just before Labor Day weekend. It is a good personal goal to achieve, and to start your Holiday with a good habit. It is a great way to transition into school and work as a new season begins.

Food for Thought – literally !

By eliminating processed foods, you alllow your organ systems and cells to improve all vital functions. You will experience a new phase of your healthy journey.
If this is your first time, a “deflation” feeling of free movement, and a lighteness will be experienced. If this is part of your bi-annual habit with us, you are continuing to contribute to your personal savings health account 🙂

The body is the ultimate healer. The body is powerful, and wants to function well !
it requires discipline, and good choices so it can be nourished through good nutrition, exercise and mental health. It depends on your decisions to experience cellular improvements.

Standard Process – Whole Food Supplements Since 1929
During your 21 days program, supplementation with organic products (organic vitamins,
proteins, and biotic fish oil ) is a must to rid the toxins of the body.

Want more info and taste some good food?

Thursday – 08/07/2014 to start on Friday – 08/08/2014
TIME – From 6:30 till 8pm
• Fresh fruit/vegetable juice prepped by Ricardo Rodrigues
• Detailed explanation on do’s and don’ts
• Complementary dinner tasting by Ricardo Rodrigues

Fresh fruit/vegetable juice
Special Salad
Plus SURPRISE dinner
SP shake made easy and delicious

You can also check my recipes (YouTube video link)
Lentils and Kale
Yams and Zucchini

WHERE – Beginner’s Mind Wellness Studio
Please confirm by Thursday 07/31/14 (for order and delivery timing)
If you cannot come to the dinner, don’t worry, we can have the supplements and
explanation for you.

$380 with tax dairy free(my recommendation) or dairy
$335 with tax for veterans (meaning you participated on our group before)
Cash or Check made to Beginner’s Mind

We also accept all credit cards – Please go to our squareup market links bellow.
First Timers $390
Veterans $345

We hope you are able to join us this time!
Your health is your first wealth.

Ricardo and Juliana Rodrigues
Beginner’ Mind Method.
(858)229-7198 or (858)229-7138
Standard Process
Beginner’s Mind Method

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