Which Diet do you follow?

As the conversation of nutrition gains popularity, it is ok to ask people which kind of diet they follow? Some people may say, NO!!!! I hate diets…  Others may say Yes why not ..

Your Diet is what you eat and drink everyday

Regardless of where you stand, the topic it is now part of people’s conversations, and YES it is casual. When conversing about diets think as what you eat daily. In fact take a moment to think about the needs of your cells to function well. Think of all the chemical reactions that happens everyday inside you. The way your internal system works. Organs, circulation, oxygenation, digestion etc.

My Diet today.. Early morning 6am  lime/lemon warm water after waking up – Breakfast at 9:30am glass of water, a piece of toast with butter, a boiled egg and a smoothie with avocado, coconut milk, raw honey, chia seeds. Lunch at noon, a single shot macchiado and 2 cups of water Early afternoon 3p some tea, bananas and a small salad – 5pm a bottle of water. Dinner 8p broccoli with turkey ground, spinach salad, brown rice and a glass of wine.

This is an example of my diet today… it changes as I workout more of less…If I feel tired or sick, somedays are the same.

The goals is always to be balanced.

Are you doing your best to provide a soothing environment for your self?

Is your health working for you ?

Self value is something I am constantly working on it, the more I connect with my Mind and Body the more I understand my role to embrace a health lifestyle. Next time you are part of a conversation where diets are being discussed, take a casual approach and challenge your self to think deeper as to how you are valuing your health, perhaps there is room for improvement.

As my husband always remind me… Don’t take everything so personally, just listen, give your self a few seconds before jumping to a answer, perhaps it might be an opportunity for you to think about something that you have been avoiding….

After taking my five seconds I must say…I love you ! He always have a point.

Have a open mind to expand an open heart to love and a healthy body to act

Take care of your self !     The WholeU concept

By Juju Rodrigues with Beginner’s Mind