I played soccer my whole life, from street to beach, for college, for fun. For the past 40 years I followed the FIFA World Cup with a lot of passion and today I can better understand the game from a professional point of view.

Brazil has been winning World Cups since 1958. They are the only team to play in all World Cup soccer games. Yes we are emotional people and soccer brings us together as human beings and as a nation.This emotional and physically skilled tactics has given us five World Cup tittles.

Brazil organically produces high quality skilled soccer players. The country cultural influences inspire Individuals with lots of talent, passion and youthfulness to the point they appear to be magicians with the ball (jogo bonito).

The Head coach’s responsibility is to organize and guide the players to play as one. Independently of the outcomes in a soccer match, it is the coach’s duty to adapt and change line ups and strategies of the game. In addition, they should guide the players on how to deal with adversities and lead by example, by being calm and sharp on its decisions.

Brazilian soccer coach Felipao was my favorite pick to conduct the Brazilian National team. His ability to bring all talent together led the Brazil to win the 2002 world cup tittle in South Korea/Japan against Germany 2×0.

On Tuesday July 8 2014 at the Brazil World Cup, Felipao experienced the worst performance of Brazil in history. loosing to Germany on a score of 7×1 was a disaster. He stated on a post game interview “When a situation like that happens, that’s not much you can do. We can’t control our emotions”.

Here are my thoughts:

I believe there are solutions to any situation.

The players could have being educated and warned that a situation like this could happen prior to the mach, and visualize the alternatives to keep them on track.

I would have a player fake a flop to change the pace of the German team.

I would make substitutions with key players to stabilize the team emotional numbness that occurred at that moment.

For me is crucial that mind and body are connected, so their skills can be unleashed.

A coach can guide its team ability to control its emotions and turn a score/game around regardless of how much is at stake.

Brazilians are the most skillful soccer players in the world. They stood out among thousands of other talented players around the country to represent their flag. Emotionally speaking, however, they were immature and unprepared to deal with powerful and challenging situations.

Basketball coach Phil Jackson is a great example as a leader in sport coaching, proved with an extensive record of successful game results, turning games around with adversities with seconds.

I wonder if the Germany Head Coach Joaquin Low had the vision and guided his team to pressure the situation and attack when the momentum appears. Whether intuitively or pre-planned action, the fast and efficient German Team took the opportunity and won the game brilliantly, advancing to the 2014 final.

Have you ever choked?

When one has to appear in front of a crowd ( public speaking for example), you study well, your ideas are flourishing and you feel that all your brilliance has come to place. This is your time to shine. You arrive at the group,you are the speaker. All you can do is GUGUDADA.., unfortunately you got numb, dumb and feel like you can not even move. Your body shuts down and you hope that someone will come to rescue you. At that moment you have two choices, let someone try to rescue you or you have plan B! the same thing can happen when you are performing in sports that you practice countless hours, and on competition day you can barely bring a glass of water to your mouth.

This is what happened to the Brazilian Team that day.

Never underestimate life in any sense, there is always a way!

Stop         breath            be present         visualize      believe      action

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