Have you changed your skincare routine lately?

If you are running low in your skincare products, wait and consult with your skincare professional before re-purchasing all the same products. It is always good to take a look into your current regimen and make sure it will match the season we are in.  For all Epicuren users they have re-formulated many of their products and the new textures are fantastic! If Epicuren is new to you,  this is a skincare line not to be missed!

I am particularly in love with Epicuren new Vitamin C complex and the Pro Collagen + Serum amplifier. The CXc is simply Delicious! the Shea Butter adds a nice feel to the formulation. When applied daily this moisturizing formula improves facial overall radiance – $40 0.5 Oz, a great investment. The Pro Collagen is a fantastic powerhouse blend that uses specific peptides to increase collagen production to aid on cellular energy, and metabolism. It feels very plumping and youthful – $80 1.0 Oz. Both Products are Vegan and a nice change and add-on to anybody’s skincare routine.

If you have any additional questions, send me an email and I will be glad to help!  Choose a skincare line that it is genuine, authentic and innovative. Your face is your business card.

Fica A Dica!