Pre summer skin1
Is your face your business card?   Are you preparing your skin for the summer?

Here are a few reminders to engage into your healthy habits:

Take your time when cleansing, and yes It should be 2x a day. Morning and night!

Quick recipe:

Morning –  Gel base cleanser to tone and rejuvenate your morning look.(If you have a clarisonic Brush even better)

 Add a dime size scrub to the cleanser to flush your cells with fresh Oxygen through the stimulation of your own hands.

While the skin still damp, spray a toner and add your moisturizer with SPF.

Make up can be applied on top.

Night – creamy base cleanser will gently remove makeup and pollutants from your skin.

While skin still damp add a toner to infuse nutrients along with a cocktail of serums and a finish with your choice of moisturizer.

These are simple basic steps to prepare your skin for the summer months. As the Sunny days get stronger and longer you will be able to enjoy the outdoor activities, and maintain the integrity of your skin up to date.

 Some Days I love when I look in the mirror and I like what I see.

My skin is glowing and alive.

Other Days the look of dry skin with accentuated lines can be frustrating.

Either way it is part of my charm!