The Integration of the four elements of Fitness and Wellness:
Posture, Flexibility, Balance, and Agility.

Posture gives you the individual the proper alignment (the starting point) to be able to move with more certainty. As you start to move, the proper alignment will allow you to move further with control increasing your flexibility. The more you move, more flexibility is available and so you need balance for coordination. Balance is improved as you challenge your body with imbalance situations promoting unlimited ways for the body to correct itself. This improves agility, which is released as your body recognizes its abilities and is ready for action at any direction at any giving moment.

Posture – Earth
Goal – Improve proper alignment of the body to enhance performance, prevent injury, and improve quality of life.

Why – Exercises done with improper form increases chances of injury. This leads to more work to undo this chance of injury.

What – Studies have proved that independently of our age, we can modify and improve patterns of motion by practicing over and over with a proper alignment of our structure.

How – By correcting and exercising the position of our feet in relationship to the hip, shoulder, and head, we can modify the whole body structural pattern. This  increase strength, speed, and power output.

Flexibility – Water
Goal – Increase range of motion of the body to enhance performance, prevent injury and improve quality of life.

Why – Short muscles are weaker, unbalanced, and are more prone to injury.

What – The Body works like a push and pulling system. By working on pairing muscles and patterns, flexibility can be dramatically improved.

How – A combination of Yoga poses and movements will improve speed, reaction time, strength, jump height and balance.

Balance – Air
Goal – Teach coordination for self and team awareness for the fun of playing any activity.

Why – As we age, the lack of balance leads to injuries, tripping and falling with a poor accuracy.

What – The body has to continue evolving and adapting to new situations from the first time we sit and stand to more dynamic movements.

How – Types of particular exercises: single leg, cross motion, core and balance tools (slacklining) will give the body unlimited patterns of motion.

Agility – Fire
Goal – Increase speed, control power, reaction time and relaxation.

Why – Body with no resilience are more prone to injury, trips, and falls.

What – One of the fitness elements that we lose the most on a daily basis. The practice needs to be done safely and correctly.

How – Sprints, quick jumps, drill leather.

elements of wellness