How important it is to you the health of your cells?

Cell Structure and Organelles

The trillions of cells of the human body work together to form tissues, organs, and organ systems. Most of our cells daily activities have simple purposes: to extract nutrients and to use nutrients to provide raw materials and fuel to keep us alive.



Our skin is part of the Integumentary system along with hair, nails, sweat glands and other external structures. This system protects the body from external damages…

Often we forget the importance our skin as a system and only think of the vanity aspect.

I love to have beautiful skin on my face and body, and sometimes I expect flawless skin but am I taking the right steps to stimulate the body to operate well?

keeping a high level of cellular activity is the secret to success.

Cleanse skin daily morning and night to remove topical debris

Moisturize your skin to maintain a topical barrier as a layer of protection

Protect with reason from the sun

Other factors that are very important to your skin success and overall wellness

Choose skincare products that are formulated with a purpose that empowers the skin ability to repair itself.

By having a balanced diet you will feel energized

Exercise regularly to connect with your body and stimulate internal activities and blood flow

Calm the mind so you can improve your visions and outcome on situations

These reminders are always good to review as we fall into the “rat race” traps we forget how good it is. Live a good Life with balance and your smile will be part of your daily routine.

 Reference and Diagran from PrecisionNutrition by John Berardi, PhD; Ryan Andrews, MS, MA, RD