Beginner's Mind - Ricardo RodriguesRicardo Rodrigues lives in Village Square with his wife Juliana and his new daughter Sofia. He is the owner of Beginner’s Mind, a multi-sports training company with a unique focus on triathlon training. Ricardo provides one-on-one personal training in swimming, biking and running. He also provides periodization programs so you can be in your best shape for whatever event you are participating in.

The approach at Beginner’s Mind focuses on functional core training, not just strength training. Their philosophy goes back to the basics of human motion to encourage health and core strength. Ricardo’s clients aren’t just triathletes, however. For example, one of his clients is 73 years old and is just focusing on improving his range of motion. The exercises and programs that Ricardo utilizes are good for everyone – from teenagers to seniors.

Ricardo has been a triathlete coach for 5 years and a personal trainer for 4 years. He has competed in more than 400 athletic events including competing in the Ironman (9 time Top Ironman finisher and 4 time Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Championship finisher). When you look at all that he’s accomplished as both an athlete and trainer, you can’t help by be impressed. However, Ricardo is also very down to earth. He recently became a father and he understands what it’s like to have a busy life juggling work and family and still managing to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s not easy and that’s why Ricardo really enjoys helping people. He focuses on the quality of the training for the maximum benefit because no one has much time. With the right blend of cardio and functional exercises you are able to work both your heart and your muscles at the same time.

Whether you’re looking to gain a healthier lifestyle or to compete in a marathon, Ricardo is a great person to get to know.