Eye Contour – By Swiss Clinical

Recommended by Juju

I love this eye cream because it feels very hydrating and I can mix with my concealer. It is very easy to apply, spreads well and feels like stimulating the cells.

The smooth, fine, refreshing texture of this cream is ideal for the skin of your eyelids and around the eye.

Moisturizing Mask – By Swiss Clinical

Recommended by Juju

This Gel-mask with an intense anti-wrinkle action it works! When the skin is feeling dry and tired, this mask will revitalize and re-hydrate allowing the cells to “puff” up again. This is always on my home counter and I use twice a week.

Clearskin – By PCA Skin

Recommended by Juju

If you are looking for a breakout control, this product is gentle and effective. Lightweight, comforts and hydrate at the same time. It calms and soothes the skin.

When in need to calm down oily and/or breakout prone skin this is the right choice.

Enzyme concentrate – Vitamin Protein Conplex By Epicuren

Recommended by Juju

This is the serum, remarkable on anti-aging, it gives your skin a beautiful glow that gives the skin a golden touch.

I have been using this product on my skin since 2000, a must have!

Price: $N/A - see Square Market

Tangerine Blush – Compressed Mineral Blush By La Bella Donna

Recommended by Juju

Fabulous on all skin types, it brings a vitality to the skin with its coral hue..
I love it and have on both, my workout bag, and at home.