It is one of the most natural sports. We as species have evolved and developed our body to run. Today modern society changed, and it appears as if we have no more need to run. The distractions, and bad habits is causing a disconnection, preventing us to tap into this natural ability. Beginner’s Mind have developed a successful program that will teach you gradually the proper movement and posture of running. The How will lead you to a better conditioning and finally the skills to run faster injury free.

This gentle on the body sport is a great way to improve your fitness whether It is on Flexibility, Posture, Balance, overall cardiovascular conditioning, and racing skills.

The cardio power house sport. Cycling is a great sport if done right. Beginner’s Mind uses the latest technology measured by computrainer, to find the best fit, your inefficiency, and power output zones.

Learn how to activate, and coordinate your body with simple routines on a slackline. Slacklining is a sport that challenges your balance and the body as a whole. It can be safely practiced on a slackrack 300 or outdoors.

Functional Movements
Inspired by yoga and core performance, the Beginner’s Mind method combines natural poses, breathing techniques, mind focus and free spirit to design exercises to age well, perform better at ANY sports, feel and look great. We must treat our body as whole (Beginner’s Mind “WHOLE U” concept).

Ricardo’s Tune Up
Your body (fully clothed) will be assisted stretched with deep pressure points to release the fascia to a natural body alignment. We have numerous successful cases that benefits from Ricardo’s unique technique. Read our testimonials.

First short Triathlon? First Ironman? We have done them all. Learn from true experiences and a unique method. Learn how to train, what to eat, why you do it! One of the most fun and rewarding experience of your life. Finish one in *ONE PIECE and become a better person.

*Happy not injured and healthier

Cross Country Camps – Rancho Santa Fe Elementary
Official Cross Country and Boys Soccer Coach since 2010
– Ask for special Youth Running camps

Skincare is a routine developed for the daily use of products and technology to improve skin condition and/or maintain in good health. Beginner’s Mind offers a variety of services and products to help you with your skincare.

Natural Beauty
The Practice of natural beauty is based on “Feel good Be Good”. By treating yourself with good skin care, good exercise routine, and good nutrition your natural beauty becomes a perk. It takes discipline and commitment to elevate your current bench mark, we are here to support!

Our Nutrition Coaching is focused to improve your lifestyle. Sometimes you are limited on your skincare and exercising routines improvements because your nutritional intake is not matching. By assessing where you are, we design programs to set you free of old habits and develop new healthy ones.

Our program has 3 parts:
Part I – Purification Program – a 21 day commitment through a detox with Standard Process to clean the body of all toxins.
Part 2 – Regular daily routine retransformed – a new way eat! You are what you eat!
Part 3 – Sports performance nutritional needs. Fuel the body and mind with the right foods.

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