About Ricardo Rodrigues

I grew up on a small coast city of Santos, Sāo Paulo, Brazil. I started swimming at the age of 9, and rapidly started in most group sports, like soccer, basketball, volleyball. At the age of fourteen, I ran my first marathon, which got me hooked on individual endurance sports. At the age of fifteen, I started surfing and fell in love of it. By the age of nineteen, I did my first triathlon.
Ricardo and Juju, owners of Beginner's Mind
The focus on the present moment and the fun diversity of the sport, help me to find my career in sports and wellness. After I found the love of my life, Juju, we went to Kona, Hawaii to watch the Ironman World Championship for three years in a row. Watching the Ironman  gave me the courage and the discipline to take on an incredible journey of fitness and self-understanding. I’ve received a lifetime of experience and joy while training with world class athletes like Norman Stadller and Jurgen Zack, and while watching challenged 80 year old athletes compete and finish the event.

Today I use all my personal experiences, together with the knowledge shared by great functional mechanic teachers, and developed the Beginner’s Mind Method.

About JuJu Rodrigues

I was born in Niteroi, Rio De Janeiro Brasil. My family was involved in multi sports, dance and the arts. My early education was alternative and rich with focus on freedom of expression language and Art. As a child I was a leader, a social butterfly and a little too independent. I loved the school sports events and weekend travels to a small beach town where I spent all my summers. I have always loved sports – the competition, the excitement. I was a gymnast, a boogie boarder, a competitive Capoeirista and practiced Brasilian-jiujtsu. Fun was my lifestyle!

Beginner's Mind owner Juju and Ricardo family